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Eat My Pralines


Eat My Pralines is a small, Houston-based business born from a family recipe for pecan pralines. Winner of Edible Houston's 2017 Local Hero Award for Best Food Artisan, Becca Kerr started the business in late 2015 after seeing the mass appeal and demand for her mom's homemade pralines. 

Eat My Pralines holds it's storefront at Little Kitchen HTX in Jersey Village. Order pralines online and ship or schedule a pick up at Little Kitchen or a weekly farmer's market!


See the Eat My Pralines website (link below) for more information on products and additional locations/markets where pralines can be purchased.

Little Kitchen HTX


In early 2017, Becca Kerr of Eat My Pralines and Chef Jason Kerr started a pop-up catering venture called Lowfi Praline. Renamed Little Kitchen HTX upon aquiring their own commercial "little kitchen" in late 2017, the business has grown from a catering business specializing in farm dinners, private parties, and grab & go foods to multiple restaurant locations. 

Use the "Contact Us" page to inquire about catering services and come visit us at any of these locations in Houston, TX.

Chef Jason Kerr


Chef Jason Kerr has been working in restaurants for 30+ years - 20 of those have been in Houston. After graduating from an underground culinary school in Austin, TX in the 90's, Kerr moved to Houston and worked with several well-known local chefs before making a name for himself running kitchens like Zula, Cafe Rabelais, the food truck Zilla Street Eats, and Lowbrow.

Chef Kerr is known for his meat-centric, lowbrow-take on American comfort food and co-founder of the annual Butcher's Ball celebration in Brenham.








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